How to Maintain a Healthy Weight After Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Following your Gastric Sleeve Surgery, you will need to allow yourself a suitable time to recover, and you will most likely receive a nutrition plan from your Doctor. This article outlines how you can ensure your recovery goes smoothly, and what you should and shouldn’t eatwupdoc gastric sleeve to ensure you maintain a healthy weight going forward.

Initial Recovery

As you recover from the effects of surgery, you will only be able to consume liquids for the first few weeks, in doing this you are giving your stomach the time it needs to recuperate and recover, this will ensure you can handle more solid foods as your diet progresses in the upcoming weeks.

Two weeks post-surgery

You will likely be on a diet of soft pureed foods for the next few weeks. These include soft vegetables, soft cheeses, soups and yogurt. There should be no solid pieces of food in your mixture. Ensure your intake of fluids is relatively high as dehydration could potentially set you back further. Your surgeon will recommend an exercise routine which will typically involve simple daily walks. Generally, patients at this stage in their recovery are advised to walk approximately four times a day, for around 5 to 10 minutes at a time. More demanding forms of exercise are not recommended at this time, especially weight training.

Three weeks to three months post-surgery

Approval from a Doctor will mean that you can add soft, solid foods to your diet. These include finely diced meats, canned or soft fresh fruit as well as cooked vegetables. Typically, this diet will last for around eight weeks before you get the clearance to eat solid foods. After 30 days your activity level will also gradually increase. Your surgeon may recommend swimming and low-impact aerobic exercises to help improve your fitness and general well-being.


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