Smoking Weed And The Right Ways To Stop Smoking Cannabis?

Some people may think that there is no wrong way to quit smoking weed. But the fact of the matter is simple, there are some things that can cause problems when trying to quit. Just like cigarettes, quitting this could cause a great deal of turmoil for your life, specifically regarding the issues with withdrawal. When you pursue this option, you’re going to be quitting something that the body has dc weed dependent on, and that could be a very difficult thing to teach the body not to want. It’s for that reason why you should look into quitting, the right way, not the wrong way. What are the wrong ways? Well here are a few notes in regard to quitting that you should know about overall.

Cold Turkey

That’s it, you’ve had it. You’re going to quit right now, and you throw away your weed and just want to get clean. There’s nothing wrong with this, but you are going to find that it isn’t so simple. Your body is going to have a lot of different issues with that, and will have cravings that are absolutely difficult to manage. You’re going to feel pain, and that is going to be tough. Many people that go cold turkey will even get sick, and return to smoking within a few days, if not weeks. It’s hard to get through the process of quitting weed without some help, and cold turkey is the worst way that you can approach this. Some people have the strength to do it, but many are going to find issue with this overall.

Weening Down

Some people want to quit, so they stop smoking as much. But they still smoke. It’s easy to get caught up in this and start smoking more and more. Many people end up doing this, and start smoking at their regular progression in time. It’s not a good way to quit, and will showcase problems down the line. If you are not careful, you could end up back in your old habits, because weening off of smoking weed is not like cigarettes. There’s more of a “high” to it, and the body craves it if you’re addicted, causing a lot of disruption.


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