Wallpapers and Mini-Games by Glance on Realme can Transform Your Phones

Let’s face it – lock screens are boring. After the initial novelty wears off, looking at a static photo each time you pick up your phone gets old really fast. What if your lock screen coolconveniences.com be so much more? Well, with Glance on Realme, it can be!

Glance on Realme is an innovative feature pre-installed on all Realme phones, thanks to a partnership with InMobi. It completely transforms the lock screen experience, making every look at your phone fun and fresh. With this feature, you get access to interactive wallpapers, addictive mini-games, and curated content – all without having to unlock your device. Keep reading to learn more about how Glance on Realme can upgrade your phone.

What is Glance on Realme?
Glance on Realme brings a dynamic, constantly updating lock screen experience through various content channels and features. It provides instant access to all kinds of engaging content as soon as you wake up your phone, without needing to search or open any apps.

At its core, Glance on Realme innovates on the standard lock screen in two major ways. Firstly, it offers visually appealing, interactive wallpapers based on categories like sports, nature, pop culture and more. The wallpapers automatically change throughout the day to match trends and keep things interesting.

Secondly, Glance on Realme provides snapshots of curated content across news, entertainment, sports, tech and other categories. You can quickly look through the latest highlights without any clicks. It also learns your preferences to serve content that matches your interests.


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